Boys Boys Boys. . .

~Sept, 2012
We had some visitors over and of course A and E were bouncing off the walls. Head butting their legs, jumping on their back and freaking out. So I chucked them both in the kitchen and told them, "You are out of control." Angrily A turns to me, hands on his hips and snaps, "No Mom! YOU are out of control!"

~Aug. 2012
A comes up to me and tells me very officially, "Mom, I'm smarter than you. I'm not smarter than Dad, but I am smarter than you."

~July 4th, 2012
A and E were wrestling today and it was A's day. He was doing really good keeping his little brother subdued, although E put up a pretty good fight. Once they were finished, Daddy and I told E he did a really good job! He looked over at Daddy M angrily from the floor and said, "No, I din not!!" he flailed his arms on the ground and continued, "He's still alive!"

~June 2012
E and A were playing T-ball today with A's new gear. I of course laid down the rules. No hitting anyone with the bat. No swinging at the ball until every body and body part is clear. Simple enough. Not 5 minutes into it, I hear a blood curdling scream from A. E runs inside, eyes big, and says, "I din'n know what I was doing!" Big brother had a pretty good goose egg on his head.

Thanks for the Help

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love it when I find photos I didn't even know I had!

I found these cute photos in my computer database and thought I'd share them with you all. These are photos from when my beautiful cousin Krystal was married. You'd think it would have been much warmer. I think she was married in April or May? I could be totally wrong. I just remember it being freezing outside!
Why on all of the days in April or May did the weather choose to be crappy on her day.

I love my Mom- a picture without her eyes closed just wouldn't be a picture. :)
So I did these two photos backwards. :/ It supposed to be showing my Dad and I trying to get Ayden dressed first and then the after shot of him actually happy and enjoying himself.

While my parents were here they went to Cabelas and played around for a bit. We also walked around the BYU campus smelling flowers.
...and trying clothes on in the dressing room. Or in this case hiding in the dressing room.
And last of all, I found this cute video that my Mom took while she was in the car with Ayden. Don't mind the wobbling, I think it was hard for her to hold it still while the car moved.