Boys Boys Boys. . .

~Sept, 2012
We had some visitors over and of course A and E were bouncing off the walls. Head butting their legs, jumping on their back and freaking out. So I chucked them both in the kitchen and told them, "You are out of control." Angrily A turns to me, hands on his hips and snaps, "No Mom! YOU are out of control!"

~Aug. 2012
A comes up to me and tells me very officially, "Mom, I'm smarter than you. I'm not smarter than Dad, but I am smarter than you."

~July 4th, 2012
A and E were wrestling today and it was A's day. He was doing really good keeping his little brother subdued, although E put up a pretty good fight. Once they were finished, Daddy and I told E he did a really good job! He looked over at Daddy M angrily from the floor and said, "No, I din not!!" he flailed his arms on the ground and continued, "He's still alive!"

~June 2012
E and A were playing T-ball today with A's new gear. I of course laid down the rules. No hitting anyone with the bat. No swinging at the ball until every body and body part is clear. Simple enough. Not 5 minutes into it, I hear a blood curdling scream from A. E runs inside, eyes big, and says, "I din'n know what I was doing!" Big brother had a pretty good goose egg on his head.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Brazilian Food and Double Strollers. That's how I like it.

There's not been a lot of photos on here of McKay... or ANY photos for that matter. So I decided that I ought to start getting pictures of him on here as well. He is after all, a part of this family too!

Mckay's showing what happens when Ethan is left to himself in the carrier. He sticks that little tongue out of his and licks the heck out of either side. I'm not sure if it tastes good or feels good on his mouth. Its cute- that's for sure.
And I must say- I LOVE my new stroller! It was the cheapest double jogging stroller they had in the store and it is perfect! I found out after I bought it that it has little built in speakers you connect to your iPod. I feel pretty smart now for getting such a good deal. Each seat reclines independent of itself. It has little storage slots all over the place... There's even a spot for the boys to stash stuff. For now just Ayden likes to take advantage of this awesome feature! Funny how I can get so excited over a stroller!Ethan as you can see also loves the stroller. Mostly because I think he likes the breeze when I go running with him. Ayden likes it too, I have to really bribe him to get out once we're done with my jog or walk.

Now onto jogging. Yes the whole purpose of the stroller was so I could somehow get back in shape. I can honestly say that I have not gone running or exercised in any real form since the day I was married. And the first day was a doozie! I must warn you that the next few paragraphs may not be so friendly to young ears. :) If you have seen me recently you'll likely know that I am rather out of proportion as far as breasties go. haha Even if you don't say it- I know you're thinking it!

McKay was joking with me that I better strap myself down pretty good or I might blacken an eye. I agreed that this may be a good idea. No reason to be knocked out while jogging-in what would be a rather embarrassing way! So I properly dressed myself to assure I didn't scare anyone or hurt myself. I started my run and much to my relief. Nothing was moving up north. Down south though. . . is altogether another story. Since having two kids I have realized how much that has 'softened' my tushy. That part of my body has never really ever moved before!

And I was slightly horrified that when I ran, it bounced. Boy do I have no shame. No reason trying to pretend it doesn't exist. lol Now more than ever. I am determined to firm up on all sides! I'm not going to have another baby for at least 3 more years, so I might as well start looking and feeling healthier! For those of you that live by me- I would not mind a jogging buddy, although. . . if you stare, I might have to hurt you. :P

ok- onto the not so gross business! Ayden will be turning two June 24th, which is next Wednesday. We are so excited to be able to celebrate with him. Earlier this week, we took him to a birthday lunch. McKay really wanted to go to Tucanos and I'm glad we did. It was as usual amazingly good. Tucanos, just happens to be one of our favorite Utah restaurants. Its a Brazilian Grill and the servers come around with skewered meat of several different types and ask you if you'd like any. They have an open salad bar as well as other delicious foods to choose from. But the real reason you'd ever come here, is for the meat!
Because it was Ayden's birthday, one of our servers brought him an ice cream sundae. Suffice it to say- he did not share.
And frankly if it were my birthday. I wouldn't either. :)

Ethan is beginning to learn his name. Or at least that's what I'd like to think. He looks up at me when I say it and gives me a big grin after he finds me. He has been solidly sleeping throughout the whole night for at least three weeks now. I don't now what to do with the extra sleep I'm getting. It's making me wake up earlier and and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with my extra hours of the day that I didn't have before.

McKay and Ayden got ahold of my camera on Sunday and took some pictures. Check out those enormous eyes! He looks so much like McKay!

Ethan really enjoys his brothers attention and Ayden is trying very hard to play with him, but gets easily bored. Not so fun to play with someone that can only really stare at you and smile.

What a handsome young fellow.

Does that smile look familiar to anyone?? :)

Can't get enough of those good ole' lights!


VintageMixer said...

We love Brazilian food but haven't tried Tucano's yet. Thanks for the tip.

Amber said...

Good for you for exercising. I've been pretty consistent with it this month as well!