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~Sept, 2012
We had some visitors over and of course A and E were bouncing off the walls. Head butting their legs, jumping on their back and freaking out. So I chucked them both in the kitchen and told them, "You are out of control." Angrily A turns to me, hands on his hips and snaps, "No Mom! YOU are out of control!"

~Aug. 2012
A comes up to me and tells me very officially, "Mom, I'm smarter than you. I'm not smarter than Dad, but I am smarter than you."

~July 4th, 2012
A and E were wrestling today and it was A's day. He was doing really good keeping his little brother subdued, although E put up a pretty good fight. Once they were finished, Daddy and I told E he did a really good job! He looked over at Daddy M angrily from the floor and said, "No, I din not!!" he flailed his arms on the ground and continued, "He's still alive!"

~June 2012
E and A were playing T-ball today with A's new gear. I of course laid down the rules. No hitting anyone with the bat. No swinging at the ball until every body and body part is clear. Simple enough. Not 5 minutes into it, I hear a blood curdling scream from A. E runs inside, eyes big, and says, "I din'n know what I was doing!" Big brother had a pretty good goose egg on his head.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

First snow!

So I had to do a continuance of the last post and show the proof of the bite marks.

IF you're still wondering where the heck it is, then focus on his elbow region and you'll see two red marks. *Yeah Ayden- YOU did that* If you REALLY still can't see it. Just select the image and hopefully it'll get larger. If that's too much effort for you then I have nothing more to say.

Here you can kind of see both marks. The one on his left elbow- your right side when looking at this picture and then the other bite on his right arm-your left. Now Ayden can really never deny this heinous act!

Now to business. We had the first snow of the season today and had to take advantage, Sunday or not!

The boys got to check out the golf ball sized snowflakes coming down this morning at 8:30. You can see the snow in the upper left corner of the picture, IF for some reason you really wanted to see the snow too. The boys were particularly excited. This is Ethan's first Christmas and Ayden's first Christmas that he might actually be able to enjoy. After church we bundled Ayden up and went outside to play. The snow was so fluffy and airy that building a legit snowman was next to impossible. McKay managed to compact 3 crazy small balls and let Ayden roll them around. He also made a snow angel... but- I don't really think he KNEW he was making a snow angel. Probably just wondering why his mother just pushed his over into the snow *GeNtLy* and moved his arms and legs around. Suffice it to say, snow angel was swiftly trampled and demolished. We have no time around here for snow angels. That's sissy stuff.  
*the links by the way are videos of Ayden playing.*

If you look hard enough you can see Ayden menacingly hunched over the little snowman that in about 5 seconds is going to be stepped on after it gets its head kicked off. Oh and little bit of props to me for getting Ayden some pretty stylin' snow gear. I don't even have that cool of snow stuff.

Ethan was not able to participate in the snow fun, BUT he was able to play with McKay's legs- just about as cool as snow. Or at least he seemed to be appeased.

I promise he's having fun! Sorry about the blurry second photo. I don't know what the heck happened there.

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